NOTE: Some sound effects may not play at all due to issues with the online port of the game.

b u g s c r a p e r

Welcome to the bugscraper.

Here, nefarious insects and pests all around the world come to plan their next mischief. 

Stop them before it is too late!


Rise to the top of a bug-infested tower by fighting on an elevator. On each floor, waves of enemies will come for your skin (or rather, exoskeleton). With your trusty pea gun, eliminate them and prepare for the next floor!



[Arrow keys]  or WASD | Move
[C] or Z, B | Jump
[X] or V, N | Shoot
[P] | Pause


Made with love by Yolwoocle 🌵
Music by Raphytator 🐙

If you loved this game and wish to support my future games, an offline version is available for the price of a giant lollipop! 🍭

All constructive feedback is appreciated.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Platformer
Made withLÖVE
TagsArcade, Cartoon, elevator, Fast-Paced, LÖVE, Pixel Art, Singleplayer


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Bugscraper MacOS v3
Bugscraper Windows (32 bits) v3 37 MB
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Bugscraper Linux v3 38 MB


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my game

my computer is pentium4 i686 RAM DDR1, help-me buy motherboard, buy my game.

Cool little game.

Very nice experience 

Very fun

I really love these arcade style of gameplay! Mowing through enemies and sometimes getting a gun power-up is super addicting! I also love that some enemies need a different approach in fighting them and not everything is shooty mcshooter! 

Loved the aesthetic and gameplay overall! Would have loved more levels and maybe even a boss fight!


Thank you so much for playing! I am so glad that you enjoyed my game. :)


Aw man! The glass breaking sounds at the end don't work. That sucks! I'll have to look into this. At least I'm now aware of this issue, thank you for making this video!

This is amazing!

I'm not sure how feasible this is in LOVE, but if you're able to add controller support, I would definitely do so. This game would feel amazing on a controller.

I will consider this in the future! Thank you for your feedback! :)

That's a lot of fun!

Thank you!

i can advertise by making a few videos on it on my youtube channel if you want me to dm me!

Do as you please! I'm indifferent about whether you do it or not! 


Bugscraper Walkthrough

Massive Nitrome vibes!
This is some great stuff 👍


I love Nitrome, so I am very happy to hear this! :) Thank you!

This game is inspiring to develop games. It was so much fun!

So glad that I could inspire you! Thank you for playing and good luck with your gamedev journey! :)

addicting as heck



Lots of fun!!!!

3 floors from the end... again!

Aw mate! You'll get it next time! :)


I'm terrible at this, but it's super fun!

I'm so glad to know this!! :) You'll get better at it I'm sure!!!


Super fun right out the gate....yes rocket jumping! hah


The mechanics and juicy of the game are awesome!!!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you noticed them!

Wow! The game feels really good to play and the combos add a lot! It's nice to see another great game made with LÖVE ;)

Here's my time and max combo:

What an amazing combo!! I'm so glad to know that you enjoyed my game and thank you for finishing it :)


I introduced your game. By the way, I found your game very successful.

Hi! Thank you very much for your review! Cheers from France – I'll consider more language options if I ever work on this game again :D


Take it easy now, on that subject. By the way, thank you for your reply to my message.


It feels amazing! I'd be happy to see and play a full game!

Thanks! Glad to know you enjoyed it!!


13 combo lets go 5:16 speedrun

Congratulations!!!! Thank you for playing my game! :D




i love this game, multiplayer would be good a autoaim gun would be nice


the pollen burst isn't that great.


Really great game! Any chance of gamepad support?


Hopefully but I don't have much time to implement new stuff right now!


very juicy, love it


This is awesome :D The spiky guys are my bane

Glad you enjoyed my game! And yeah, spiked flies are way too hard, I'm working on an update to fix this, and more!


This game is pretty fun! Some pains, though.

The weapon system is just frustrating. Some feel infinitely better than others (shotgun my treasure), and avoiding picking up a weapon is really difficult since when they drop is a bit unreadable, and it can screw you over if you’re relying on your current one. They even suction to you! It’s also very strange that only some of them auto reload, and that there’s no manual reload button.

Also it feels like enemies take too long to die to bullets, especially the spiky ones you can’t jump on. They’re probably the ones i dislike the most: Going up puts you at a disadvantage (since they group up and make it very hard to avoid alongside other things), and you don’t have nearly enough weapon fire to cover and stay on the ground. If there was a way to move vertically (like a dash, or your gun actually pushing you in a vertical direction) then it would be a lot more manageable, but as it is it feels like if you get 4 of those icy spike guys and a few of the shells you just are guaranteed to lose lives. Might be able to sum this up as “skill issue”, not sure, but it doesn’t feel very good to deal with.

A funny way to solve both the no reloading problem and adding vertical movement at once would be to add a blast that fires the rest of your ammo (and auto starts reloading) and launches you.

Cool game!


I think the guns are supossed to be just a jetpack really, i think the spiky enemies just needs less health.

Thank you very much for you feedback! You're not the first way to say that guns feel weak or that the enemies are too strong, especially the spiked flies.

By the way, there is a way to move vertically using guns! By aiming down and shooting, your gun acts like a jetpack. Maybe I didn't communicate this feature well enough, please tell me if you didn't know about it! 

And I really like your idea of blast, which could act as a sort of dual-purpose reloading system.

I'll work on an update to improve these points, and thank you for playing! :)

I made a mistake in my wording, I didn’t mean vertical, I meant horizontal! I mix the two up often. I’m aware that you can use the gun to jet pack, the problem is mostly that it doesn’t work horizontally, and counter intuitively you’ll always move the direction you shoot left and right but shooting downwards moves you up. It feels a bit awkward! Lack of fast air horizontal movement is why I suggested the blast system.


Light but tight!  Very fun.  Does it go forever?  I could see myself playing a lot if there was a leaderboard :)


I'm glad that you enjoyed the game! The game's end is reached after 16 floors, but it's true that this is not communicated anywhere. I might add a leaderboard and an endless mode for people who might want to continue playing after reaching the end.

I think this would be a great addition